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Frozen yogurt stores are one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities in America. If you’re considering opening a store, Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt is a very smart move for many reasons.


It begins with our taste. Others talk about their recipes and healthiness and variety. But when it comes to taste, no one beats Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt. No one! Our frozen yogurt just tastes better than all the rest. Period. It’s smooth and creamy—not watered down like other recipes. It includes many natural ingredients and flavors for a rich taste. It’s healthy—but it doesn’t taste like it. Our customers are amazed at how great our frozen yogurt tastes. Great taste was our #1 priority. In fact, we feel if you don’t have great taste, nothing else matters.

We offer unique variety. We have 4 base mixes to ensure that there’s something for everyone:

  • Tart—for the frozen yogurt purist,
  • Regular—which tastes like ice cream but has 0 fat,
  • No Added Sugar—for the extra health conscious,
  • Sorbet—for customers who are lactose/dairy intolerant.

From these base mixes, we can add any flavor to make a unique offering of very delicious tasting frozen yogurt. Only Yumz offers this versatility.
Our variety includes dozens of frozen yogurt flavors and 75+ toppings: giving Yumz customers a unique experience for their taste buds.

Another advantage of Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt is our approach to the customer experience, marketing, advertising, social media and more. You’ll find us to be very sophisticated marketers. We reached the maximum # of Facebook friends in record time. We trademarked a concept called Coolest Combos™ that allows customers to post their favorite combinations and generates viral marketing. We give back to the community and support schools, teams, churches and other great causes.

If you would like more information on opening your own yumz gourmet frozen yogurt store, please call or email John at 702-328-6361,

To expedite your initial franchise process, complete these two forms and fax them to the number at the end of each document or scan and email them.

Credit Application | Confidentiality Agreement

You Can Do This

With Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt, our goal is your success. In fact, we planned our entire franchise program for it. It includes some of the lowest costs and fees of any major brand in the industry. We want you to be profitable and our very reasonable fees are the first step toward accomplishing that.

Unlike other chains, you’ll receive full support from our founders. We won’t assign you to some random employee. Instead, you’ll work with both founders of the company through every step of the process to ensure that you have expert assistance in opening your store. We also provide full training, which includes classroom and in-store training. We’ll make you an expert to increase your confidence and get you ready for a great opportunity. Let us demonstrate how Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt is the best franchise opportunity on the market.

Moving Forward

If you’re interested in pursuing a Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt franchise, we have a very easy process to follow:

Submit a Franchise Application and Credit Application. These are found right here on our site. Please note that opening one of our stores averages around $250,000 – $325,000. With financing, your out-of-pocket can be as low as $100,000. We’ll review your application and call you to discuss our opportunity.

Review our Info Packet. We’ll send this after processing your applications.

Visit our Store and see the Yumz Difference. We’d suggest scheduling a visit to meet with our founders and experience Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt in person.

Receive the Franchise Documents. Review the Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, etc.
Sign the Agreement. When you realize that Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt is the best choice, sign the agreement and we’ll jump in to help your store take off.

Find your Location. We have a national contract with CBRE—one of the largest commercial brokers in the country—who will assign a rep to help you find the best locations in your area. Submit your preferred location to Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt for final approval, then, CBRE will work with you to finalize your lease.

Store Construction. We have multiple General Contractors who will bid on your construction, or you can suggest your own GC. Our staff will keep tabs on the progress and be of assistance however possible.

Training Seminar. You’ll go through a rigorous training program and emerge a frozen yogurt expert!

Opening your Store. You’ll receive support from our corporate office, public relations firm, machine supplier, POS tech support and more. You’ll feel confident that you can make your store a big success… and you can!

Get Ready for some Fun. There’s nothing better than opening your store and building relationships with customers. Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt gives you the opportunity for a wonderful experience. You’re going to love it!


How much does it cost to open a Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt store?
A: Between $250,000 – $325,000 on average. Slightly more for larger stores. With financing, your out-of-pocket can be as low as $100,000.

What is the franchise fee and what does it include?
A:The fee is $15,000 for the first store, $12,000 for stores 2 and 3, and $10,000 each for 4 or more stores. The fee includes use of the Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt name, logo and marketing program. It provides our full support from our team at your service, including our founders. We will set up your territory, assist you with site selection, provide training in one of our corporate stores, guide you through parameters for store construction and support you in that process, include you in pre-negotiated vendor programs with special pricing, and more.

What is the royalty and marketing fee?
A: The royalty is 4% of monthly sales. The marketing fee is 2% of monthly sales and covers national public relations, web site programs, search engine optimization, advertising, and more.

What is the net worth requirements for becoming a franchisee?
A: We suggest a minimum of $275,000 in liquid assets, or a combination of liquid assets and loans. There is some flexibility in this number, depending on various circumstances.

What is a typical size for a Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt store?
A: 1500 – 1700 square feet is average. Once you are approved, we will provide a list of site parameters that we feel will increase your chances of success.

How long does it take to open a store?
A: From signing a franchise agreement to opening can be 3 – 6 months on average. Once a lease is signed and permits are granted, you can anticipate opening within 6 – 8 weeks.

What is the revenue potential?
A: That varies by a number of factors. Once you sign a confidentiality agreement, we can review pro formas with you. Ultimately, the harder you work at it, the better the potential for success.

How much time do I need to personally spend managing the store?
A: Someone will need to manage the store, but it is not required that you are the manager. You can hire a manager if desired. After the store opens, managers can spend 10 – 20 hours per week handling general operations such as scheduling, inventory, ordering and employee management.

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